What to Do About Common Problems with Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing windows can be an excellent addition to your home. Double glazed windows are one of the most effective ways to keep your home warm and secure. They are known for their energy efficiency. However, there are some common problems that can occur with these windows that can impact their performance. But it’s important to know about these common problems to help avoid them with your own windows.

To avoid any issues, you should always make sure that your new windows and new doors are properly installed. If they are not, then you can expect problems down the road. Here are some common problems with double-glazed windows and how to fix them when you are doing replacement windows and doors.

Common Problems with Double Glazed Windows

Loose or Cracked Panes:  When you close your window it should seal up tight. If it doesn’t, there is probably a problem with the pane itself or the frame around it. A loose or cracked pane can be caused by condensation, which can form between panes if moisture builds up in the space between them. 

To fix this problem, first, make sure that the seals on all of your windows are in place and then clean them thoroughly with a damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, then you need to get in touch with a professional window fitter who can come out and fix your double-glazed windows properly.

Problems With Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping on a double-glazed window works as a seal for air and water between different panes of glass. This material needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good and working properly. If you notice any cracks or holes in this material you should replace it immediately before moisture gets behind it and causes further damage.

Leaks Around The Seal

The seals on the windows can become damaged over time, especially if they are not properly cleaned regularly. They can also crack and leak air or water. Inspecting your seals will help you find out if you need to replace them or simply clean them with a cloth dipped in hot water and soap. If you do need to replace your seals, make sure that you use a quality product that will last for many years to come.

Bubbling/Crackling Sound

A bubbling or crackling sound coming from inside your double-glazed windows could be caused by condensation forming inside the glass panes. This can occur if your home has no central heating system or if there is not enough ventilation in certain areas of your home. To prevent this, ensure that there are adequate vents in each room in which you live, as well as vents on all exterior doors and windows.

Dirty Glass

Dirty glass can adversely affect the performance of your double-glazed windows, so regular cleaning is essential. Cleaning involves removing any debris on the glass and then applying a suitable sealant solution to help protect against future condensation build-up within your property.

Maintenance Checks

You should also check to see if there is any debris stuck between your double-glazed windows. If this is the case, then this debris must be cleaned away from between each pane of glass before it will work properly again. 

If there are no chips or cracks in your window panes themselves, then this may mean that they were coated with some type of sealant or anti-glare treatment when they were installed by the manufacturer. 

This material needs to be removed by a professional before it can be replaced with something else that will provide better insulation properties for your home’s heating and cooling systems inside of those panes of glass. Speak to our experts at Swish Home Improvements for more information.

Broken or Misaligned Windows

If your double-glazed window is broken or misaligned, it will not be as efficient as it could be. The best thing to do when this happens is to have a professional come out and fix it as soon as possible. They should be able to fix it quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to wait too long for your windows to be fixed.

Cracked Windows

Another common problem with double-glazed windows is cracking. This can happen when the weather becomes colder and wetter, which means that the glass becomes thinner and more prone to breaking easily. If you notice any cracks forming in your windows, then they may need replacing immediately because they won’t last much longer than that!

Blocked Spillage

When rainwater or snow melt gets into your windows, it’s called spillage. You might think that spillage is bad, but it’s actually good for you — it means that your window has been blocked by something (such as leaves), which needs to be removed before the window can open again. If you see any water or other liquid seeping out from around the seal on your window, this is an indication that you need to clean out the seals and gaskets first.

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