Signs it is Time to Replace Your Windows.

Have you ever thought about replacing your property’s windows? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old single-glazed windows to double glazed windows, or if your double glazed windows are old and not looking their best, this may be a valuable option to consider for your home.

More and more of us are considering this option, and with this in mind, you may want to consider today’s key points to help. Indeed, while it can often seem a little tricky to know when it’s time to replace your property’s windows, there are several great ideas you could look out for in this regard to help.

The Importance of Top-Quality Double glazed Windows in Your Home 

Top-quality double glazed windows are hugely important. Indeed, in many cases, double glazed windows offer a range of benefits for properties. These may include the following:

  • Superior insulation for your home
  • Noise reductions from the outdoor environment
  • Draft prevention in the property
  • Reductions in condensation within your property (due to superior airflow control) 
  • Physical protection from the elements

These are just a few of the potential benefits that double glazed windows can offer for your home; what’s more, they’re simply an excellent way to ensure that your property is looking its best in all scenarios. As such, this could be a valuable option to consider – but if your property’s windows are beginning to get a little older, you may find that they can’t offer quite the same level of support as previous.

Double Glazed Windows

Signs it is Time to Replace Your Windows. 

We’ve clarified the importance of top-quality windows in your property at this point. However, there’s a catch; indeed, while quality windows can offer a long lifespan, they also degrade with time. 

As such, for most windows, you can expect around a lifespan of twenty years or two decades. However, this lifespan can range between ten and fifty years for standard use windows without accounting for damage. Therefore, if your windows are getting on a little and you’re not sure if they’re still offering a reliable solution, we recommend you consider whether you could benefit from replacing your windows.

With this in mind, we hope that the following tips will help you keep your home safe, secure, and warm for the long term. Indeed, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of top-quality windows – but they play a prominent role in your home, and investing in new window solutions is hence pivotal.

#1 Your Windows are Damaged

One of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your double glazed windows is that they’ve gotten damaged. Chips, cracks, and the like can all weaken your windows, and this could make them much more prone to issues. In turn, during particularly variable weather, you may find that your windows get even worse with time; after all, a small weakness can quickly grow into a much bigger issue.

Fortunately, this isn’t something you necessarily need to panic about; however, if you’ve noticed your windows may be damaged, getting them replaced can help prevent further issues. 

#2 Your Windows Are Showing Condensation

Your double glazed windows shouldn’t show condensation. As such, if you begin to notice condensation on the surface of your window, there are likely ventilation issues in your home, which may require a different window design to tackle. 

In addition, if you find that you can’t wipe away the condensation, it’s likely occurred between the glass panels – representing severe internal damage for your double glazing. This is a clear indicator that your double glazing is no longer working effectively; as such, you should consider replacing your windows if you notice this issue.

#3 Drafts

High-quality windows shouldn’t allow drafts into your property. However, as your windows get older, their seals can begin to weaken, and this may result in drafts and cold air throughout the property. Of course, this could be a simple issue, such as not correctly closing the window; however, if your window is secured but you’re still experiencing drafts through the property, it’s probably time to replace your windows to get a better solution.

Window Replacement

#4 Your Windows are Letting Noise In

Even the highest-quality windows can’t altogether cancel out noise. However, your double glazed windows should be highly effective for reducing noise pollution in your home. As such, if you have noticed that your home is beginning to become noisier with time, we highly recommend considering whether you could replace your windows. 

This simple change could make a drastic difference for noise levels in your property – especially if you live near to a road or any other region that’s particularly loud compared to the norm. By contrast, if you live in the country or in a region that’s generally quiet anyway, you might find that the level of noise pollution is less detectable anyway.

#5 Your Heating Bills are Rising

Have you noticed that your heating bills are rising? If so, then you might need to consider upgrading or replacing your property’s windows. Indeed, while single-glazed windows are less effective for controlling temperature, most double-glazed windows still reduce heat loss from your property. In turn, this helps reduce the amount of heating your property needs to keep it at a comfortable temperature, especially over the winter months. So, if you notice that your heating bills seem to be continually ticking up, you may want to consider whether your double glazed windows might need replacing or upgrading – after all, there’s no point in letting all the warm air out of your home!

#6 Trouble Closing Your Windows

If you’ve been finding it harder to close your windows recently, something may have gone wrong with the structure of the windows overall. This is a surprisingly common issue that many homeowners face for their properties; as such, you may want to consider replacing your windows if you’ve noticed they require a little more force to shut them.

#7 Faded Upholstery

Has your upholstery been fading? Modern double glazing solutions are designed to protect your furnishings and upholstery against the dangers of UV light exposure. However, as your double glazing degrades over time, it may become less effective in this regard, putting your property at risk for fading upholstery and fabrics. This may also occur to your wallpaper or paint, depending on the type you’ve chosen. So, if you notice fading in regions exposed to sunlight, old double glazed windows could be the cause.

Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

After considering today’s points, if you think it might be time to replace your property’s windows, we’d be proud to help out. We’d be thrilled to help you find the most valuable and effective solutions for your home. So, why leave things to chance; the Swish Team are here to help. Contact us today!

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