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Home Improvements in the North East & North Yorkshire.

Here at Swish Home Improvements, we’re proud to offer home improvements to clients across the North-East and North Yorkshire. From new windows, replacement windows, porches and doors to conservatories we’re on hand to help. Offering many years experience within this industry, we are by far the professionals you can count on no matter what. Simply give Swish Home Improvements a call today to request a free quote for your home improvements. We’ll be happy to help.

Home Improvements throughout The North-East & North Yorkshire.

If you’re based in Middlesbrough and looking for a range of home improvements from windows to door installations, let our team help. We have been offering home improvements throughout the North East for some time now, so trust our professionals to take care of your every need. Once more, we can also help with any home upgrades you may already have, simply call our team today if you wish to find out more information about our services.

Revolutionise Your Home with Solar Panels and Battery Storage

Are you ready to embark on an energy-saving journey that will transform your home? Look no further than Swish Home Improvements, the leading provider of state-of-the-art solar panel installations and battery storage solutions in the North East. With our cutting-edge technology and expert team, we are here to help you harness the sun's power and control your energy consumption like never before.

Imagine slashing your electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and enjoying uninterrupted power even during grid outages. With our new solar panel installations, you can tap into the sun's limitless energy and generate clean, renewable power for your home. Our highly skilled professionals will work closely with you to design a customised solar system that perfectly suits your needs, maximising energy production and aesthetics.

But that's not all! Swish Home Improvements goes the extra mile by offering advanced battery storage solutions. Our cutting-edge battery systems enable you to store excess solar energy during the day and use it at night or during cloudy periods. Say goodbye to dependence on the grid and hello to energy independence. Our batteries provide a seamless backup power supply, ensuring you never experience disruptions during unexpected power outages.

Take advantage of the opportunity to transform your home with clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions. We offer same day solutions on Solar Panels anywhere in the North East!

Solar Panels, Double Glazing, Windows, Doors, Conservatories & Porches
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Offering the best home improvement services in the North East

Based in the North-East, Swish Home Improvements are the company to call on for home improvements. From new windows including anthracite grey and doors to conservatories, trust our team of experts to cater to your every need. No matter your needs and requirements, or the budget you have for your home improvements, we’ll make sure that your home is transformed for the better. We offer same day solutions throughout Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and the rest of the North East. But why choose us?



Having offered home improvement services in the North-East for more than 20 years now, we’re confident in the services we provide.


Regardless of the size of the project, our team are here for you. We’re here to offer top quality improvements no matter what.


Our main goal as home improvement specialists, is to ensure that you are truly satisfied with the results of our services.

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