The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Should you be considering double glazing for your property, you’ll be interested to know the advantages and benefits that come with double glazed windows. Double glazing windows are designed to reduce heat loss from buildings, they provide twice the insulation as a single glazed unit would.

What is double glazing?

Unlike single glazing – this is made from a single pane of glass, double glazing includes two panes of glass and will be separated by a gap which has been filled with gas like argon gas, this is to make it more difficult for heat to escape through it.

Here we take a look at the benefits of double glazing…

There are a number of advantages and benefits to having new double glazed windows installed

Warmth in the winter – double glazing is brilliant for insulation, it can also help to keep natural heat and store in, an efficient way of keeping your home insulated in the winter months.

Save on energy bills – less energy is used from double glazing, when it comes to heating up a cool room, this will result in lower energy bills and saving money. Adding more levels of glazing increases the insulation levels as well as saving more money.

Cool in the summer – double glazed windows can trap some of the rays that come through windows on a hot day, keeping your room cooler as well as reducing the need for air conditioning.

Safety and security – having more double glazing across your property will increase the safety of your home. Double glazed windows and doors are a lot more difficult to break as they are sealed much tighter.

Reducing condensation – double glazed windows will reduce the amount of moisture on your window panes, the airtight seal will prevent the condensation from building up, other windows promote a condensation build-up which will cause mould.

Less noise – more double glazed units will provide less noise and a quieter home, if you live in a busy street or a noisy area, then double glazed windows are crucial.

Double glazing to double your savings

As mentioned previously, double glazing will increase the energy efficiency of your home, this means that you can save money on your energy bills and your home will also be much warmer. As double glazing includes two panes of glass, this will make it harder for heat to escape from your home, it also helps to eliminate drafts.

Add value with double glazing

Double glazing has become a necessity for homeowners, with this in mind, newly fitted double glazing will make your home much more desirable to buyers, increasing your home’s value. Having double glazing installed and replacing your current windows at your property can make the difference between a buyer choosing your home over its competitors, this may also be reflected in their offer.

How much value will double glazing add to my home?

The research covers that on average a home’s value will increase by around 10% should newly installed double glazing have been carried out. Double glazing and new windows will also help to make your property much more appealing to potential buyers, so should you be looking to sell quickly then double glazing may be exactly what your home needs when it comes to speeding up the sales process.

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