Window and Door Trends: Anthracite Grey Windows

Is the Anthracite Grey Trend here to Stay?

Grey is the new black. It’s a colour that has been popping up in all sorts of places lately, but now it’s time for your windows and doors to get a grey makeover too! Anthracite Grey windows and doors are a fast-growing trend across the North East, this sophisticated colour not only goes well with traditional or modern architecture but can also add that touch of class people desire in their home.

The cold, grey weather of Britain is no match for this winter’s most sophisticated colour. Anthracite has a lustrous sheen, just like the particular type of coal it is named after. This stately hue brings out the details in your property and complements most plaster and brickwork tones as well as having some enlivening green, blue or violet hues that are brought out by sunnier days. When you see these beautiful glazing or doors for yourself we are sure you’ll be impressed!

What is Anthracite Grey?

Anthracite is a type of coal used to create energy, with a dark grey-near black appearance. The colour Anthracite Grey was inspired by this and offers both contemporary styles along with softer contrast when paired together unlike harsh contrasts like white can create. For uPVC products, it has that quality look you want your home’s exterior finish scheme has as well, but for newer properties or traditional ones also try out a minimalist design using only this gorgeous hue!

Offers Longevity

Many property developers, landlords and homeowners are opting for darker colours to give their homes more curb appeal. Anthracite Grey is a great colour choice because it’s deep but not too dark – it still maintains liveliness while maintaining warmth in cold weather! That’s why we think this timeless shade would make an excellent double glazing finish: you can be sure that your home will look impressive from every angle with its classic appearance so long as you keep up the good work of investing wisely by protecting what matters most (your windows).

Grey uPVC Double Glazing is a Tasteful Alternative

For those who love the classic, pristine look and feel of white Windows – or are looking for an affordable replacement in newer homes. Anthracite Grey double glazing may be just what you need. The applied colour is scratch resistant with no fading over time like standard uPVC can sometimes suffer from; it’s also easy maintenance! However, its dark shade helps to absorb light which reduces heating costs at night when your home isn’t being used as much, meaning they provide unexpected thermal benefits by keeping rooms cool during hot days.

A Sophisticated Combination

For those looking to stand out from the crowd, why not try pairing our Anthracite Grey windows with a polished composite front door? Composite doors combine everything great about both timber and uPVC doors. They come in many different colours including grey! If you’re interested in learning more about what colour would work best for your home then feel free to contact one of our experts at Swish Home Improvements today who will be able to help make it happen.

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When you’re looking for a window or door update, don’t forget about the power of anthracite grey. This trend is not going away any time soon and can be used to create a sleek industrial look in your home.

At Swish Home Improvements we have a wide range of Anthracite Grey made to measure uPVC windows and doors available for purchase. Our friendly staff will be happy to collect information on the options that are best suited for your property, as well as arrange an inspection with one of our team members during which they can provide more details about what’s possible in terms of style/colour combo when it comes down this choice! Simply call us today!

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