Single vs Double Glazed Windows, Which is Right for your House?

Single vs Double Glazing Windows

Single Glazing has been around for many years and is still used in many properties today. It is a single pane of glass with a layer of air between the two panes. This type of window is cheaper than double glazing but can be more expensive than other types of glazing if there are any problems with its installation such as draughts and condensation.

Double glazing is the most popular choice for new windows as it offers better insulation and soundproofing than single glazing. The window consists of two sheets of glass separated by a completely sealed air gap which provides insulation and soundproofing benefits. Double glazing also reduces condensation on both sides of the window.

Single glazed windows are the most common type of glass used in homes throughout the UK. They are very popular because they are cheap to buy and easy to install. Single glazing is a very good choice for areas that don’t get a lot of rain or snow and where there aren’t many extreme weather conditions.

Double glazing is also very popular with homeowners. Double glazing helps to reduce noise in your home and make it more comfortable by keeping heat inside during the winter months while keeping cool air inside during hot summer days.

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Why Choose Double Glazing?


Double glazed windows have been proven to reduce burglary by as much as 50%. The glass is much stronger than a single pane of glass and will not shatter easily. It also has a “deadbolt” feature that helps to keep the window in place even if someone tries to remove it from the outside.

Energy Efficiency

Double glazed windows help increase the energy efficiency of your home because they keep out unwanted heat from the sun in summer and cold air in winter. This helps to reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Double glazed windows also reduce condensation on cold surfaces inside your home and can also help prevent mould growth by keeping moisture away from walls and ceilings.

Noise Reduction

Double glazed windows are also known for their ability to reduce outside noise coming into your home. This makes them ideal for use with children who may have trouble sleeping or studying when there is too much commotion around them.

Easier to clean and dust 

It is much easier to clean and dust windows that have double glazing over single-glazed windows. This is because you can wipe them more effectively and they don’t have the same amount of condensation.

Improved insulation 

Double glazing helps keep heat inside in winter and cold air out during the summer months, meaning you will save on your energy bills all year round!

Why Choose Single Glazing Windows?

Saving Money on Energy Bills 

The main reason why people choose single glazing windows is to save money on their energy bills. The fact that there is just one layer of glass means that it will be much easier for you to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. The insulation qualities of this type of window will also help reduce noise from outside, helping you get a better night’s sleep each night!

Lightweight and Easy to Install 

Another benefit of single glazing windows is that they are lightweight and easy to install. You won’t have any trouble moving them around or installing them into your home because they are so easy to handle and install yourself without any help from professionals or contractors!

Thermal Efficiency

Due to their lack of thermal barrier, single-glazed windows are less efficient than double-glazed ones at reducing heat loss through the glass during winter months. However, they do perform better than triple-glazed units when it comes to noise reduction as they have fewer air gaps between them and therefore absorb fewer sound waves than triple-glazed units do.


The durability of single glazing is better than double glazing because it isn’t as susceptible to breakage from impacts or from pressure on its surface.

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Double glazing offers more energy efficiency and noise reduction, but it comes at a higher cost. Single glazed windows will offer less energy efficiency, but they are much cheaper to install.

If you want to save money and don’t mind some noise coming in from outside, then single glazing is the right option for you. If you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible and reduce noise as much as possible, then double glazing is the best option for you.

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