Double Glazing Styles Found in the North East

We take a look at the double glazing styles found around North East towns.. 

The North East of England is known for its charming towns and picturesque landscapes. Amidst the region’s rich architectural heritage, one can find a variety of double glazing window styles that not only enhance the aesthetics of homes but also offer improved energy efficiency and sound insulation. Here we will use our knowledge of the North East area along with our experience and expertise in fitting windows. We have worked recently in all of the following mentioned locations and can therefore give you a good insight in to which windows you will find in which North East Town:

Newcastle upon Tyne:

Newcastle upon Tyne, a bustling city with a mix of modern and historical buildings, boasts a diverse range of double glazing styles. Among the popular options are:

a. Sash Windows: A classic choice for traditional homes, sash windows offer a timeless elegance. They feature vertically sliding panels that provide excellent ventilation and maintain the charm of historic properties in towns like Jesmond and Heaton.

b. Bay and Bow Windows: These protruding windows create a sense of space and add a touch of architectural splendour to properties in areas like Gosforth and Ouseburn. Bay windows have a polygonal shape, while bow windows have a curved structure, both allowing ample natural light to enter the living spaces.


Durham, a city steeped in history and home to the iconic Durham Cathedral, showcases a blend of classic and contemporary double glazing styles:

a. Casement Windows: Commonly found in traditional and modern homes alike, casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outwards. They are prevalent in towns such as Durham City and Chester-le-Street, offering unobstructed views of the beautiful landscapes.

b. Cottage Pane Windows: Adding a touch of rural charm to properties in areas like Barnard Castle and Bishop Auckland, cottage pane windows feature small, individual glass panes separated by wooden bars, evoking a rustic feel.



Sunderland, with its industrial heritage and coastal beauty, features a mix of double glazing styles suitable for various property types:

a. Tilt and Turn Windows: Ideal for maximising ventilation and easy cleaning, tilt and turn windows are prevalent in towns like Roker and Seaburn. They can tilt inwards for gentle airflow or open fully like a casement window for easy access to the exterior.

b. Arched Windows: Often seen in historic buildings and newer properties seeking a unique design, arched windows grace areas like Sunderland city centre and Fulwell. Their elegant curves add character and a touch of sophistication.


The rural beauty of Northumberland is complemented by a range of double glazing styles catering to both traditional and contemporary homes:

a. French Windows: Perfect for enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, French windows are commonly found in towns like Alnwick and Hexham. They consist of two casement windows that open from the center and provide a wide opening for easy access to the garden or patio.

b. Contemporary Aluminium Windows: As modern architecture gains popularity in towns like Morpeth and Berwick-upon-Tweed, contemporary aluminium windows offer sleek designs, durability, and excellent thermal performance.


Middlesbrough, an industrial hub with a rich history, presents a variety of double glazing styles that cater to its diverse architectural landscape:

a. Sliding Sash Windows: In areas like Linthorpe and Acklam, sliding sash windows maintain a traditional appearance while providing modern energy efficiency. They are an excellent choice for period properties and conservation areas.

b. Tilt and Slide Patio Doors: Embracing contemporary design trends, tilt and slide patio doors are prevalent in new developments around Middlesbrough. They offer easy access to outdoor spaces while ensuring optimal insulation.


Whitby, a charming coastal town known for its fishing heritage and stunning views, features double glazing styles that embrace its unique character:

a. Coastal-Style Windows: Properties in Whitby often boast coastal-style windows with larger glazed areas to capitalise on the breathtaking views of the sea and harbour. These windows typically feature slim frames to maximise the visual impact.

b. Flush Casement Windows: Commonly found in the conservation areas of Whitby, flush casement windows provide a seamless, traditional appearance with the sash fitting flush within the frame when closed.


Seaside Towns (e.g., Scarborough, South Shields):

The quaint seaside towns along the North East coast present a mix of traditional and contemporary double glazing styles:

a. Picture Windows: Picture windows are a popular choice in towns like Scarborough and South Shields, where homeowners seek to frame stunning coastal views and let natural light flood into their living spaces.

b. uPVC Windows: With the coastal climate in mind, uPVC windows are a practical choice for their durability and low maintenance, ensuring homes in these towns remain protected from the elements.


Northallerton, a market town surrounded by picturesque countryside, showcases a blend of double glazing styles suited to its diverse architectural heritage:

a. Georgian Bar Windows: Reflecting the town’s historical significance, Georgian bar windows are prevalent in areas like Northallerton town centre. These windows feature horizontal and vertical bars to create an elegant, classic look.

b. Triple Glazed Windows: Given Northallerton’s inland location and potential exposure to harsh weather, triple glazed windows are gaining popularity for their superior thermal insulation and soundproofing qualities.

If you live in the North East, you have an abundance of windows to view:

From the bustling city of Newcastle upon Tyne to the serene beauty of Whitby and the charming seaside towns, the North East of England encompasses a wide array of double glazing styles. Each town presents a unique blend of architectural heritage and contemporary design, and the choice of double glazing windows complements these distinct features. Whether it’s the traditional charm of sliding sash windows in Middlesbrough, the coastal-style windows in Whitby capturing breathtaking views, or the practicality of uPVC windows in the seaside towns, homeowners in the North East have a plethora of options to enhance their properties’ aesthetics, energy efficiency, and comfort. As the region continues to evolve, double glazing styles will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the architectural landscape of the North East for years to come.

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