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Bespoke Conservatories in Scarborough

Extend your existing property in Scarborough with a conservatory that will provide you with the wow factor.

Everyone starts to outgrow their homes at some point, but not everyone has enough money available for an upgrade or moving into a larger space. Fortunately, there is another way: adding on what they already have by creating one of our Swish Home Improvement Conservatories! With many different shapes and sizes available we really are sure that everybody can find something perfect for them here- which should be quite satisfying given how exciting it'll make your home feel when completed.

A Leading Scarborough Conservatory Company

As one of Scarborough’s leading conservatory companies, you can count on us to supply you with a high-quality conservatory and a professional and efficient installation service. We have an experienced team who have the skills and knowledge needed to provide you with the best level of service. We ensure all work is carried out to a high standard and we never compromise on the overall finish of your conservatory.

Suppliers and installers of Conservatories in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

The most beautiful conservatories are available on the market today. All made to your specifications using our in-house design software. A blend of tradition and technology results in a finish that's capable of withstanding the harshest conditions the British weather can throw at it. We supply and install double glazing conservatories in Scarborough and throughout the North Yorkshire area. Our Conservatories are designed for a variety of budgets and tastes, and our conservatories are customised for personal comfort. All are individually designed for different tastes and budgets and can be fitted to suit any style of home.

Types of Conservatories

Conservatories from Swish Home Improvements are designed to suit your exact needs and preferences. From dazzling T-shaped conservatories with a glass roof to more humble L-shaped ones - we have the perfect design for you. Our Bespoke Conservatory range includes P Shaped Conservatories which make use of space efficiently by being shaped like an "L". Gable End conservatories provide additional height in order to fit large windows into smaller spaces while our Pavilion style offers increased headroom and light through their impressive roofs that rise up high over every other wall inside it!

Swish Home Improvements are happy to help you design your perfect conservatory. Our bespoke designs mean each one is made especially for you; they're available in many different styles, taste levels, budgets and shapes so whatever room or garden size requirements.


Working With Your Conservatory Builders

Range of Finance Options

Many of our customers in and around Scarborough choose to use conservatory finance. With finance, you can easily spread the cost of your new conservatory over a term that suits you. Once finance has been approved we’ll begin building your new space.  We have something for every homeowner with a range of different options.


Conservatory Prices Scarborough

A conservatory is a great way to increase the space in your home while still maintaining that comfy, cosy atmosphere. Swish Home Improvements has been installing homes with these beautiful additions for many years and we have always got you covered! Our prices are competitive too - so whether it's an extension of your current property or something brand new, give us a call today

Why spend your life savings on a new conservatory? We can spread the cost and make it more affordable. At Swish Home Improvements, we have partnered with a leading finance company to help you pay for your dream home at an agreement that suits you! Get in touch today if this sounds like something within reach of what’s been holding you back from living out all of your dreams about how to improve the homes you've had over time.

For New Conservatories in Scarborough Contact Swish Home Improvements

We have the expertise to turn your dream into reality, with a conservatory extension. We can create everything from an entertaining dining room for guests and children’s playroom or home office to just having some relaxation space. In years past it was near impossible due to these harsh summer/winter climate changes but we offer services ranging in all kinds of refurbishment and replacement options if this is something you are experiencing as well! In recent years craftsmanship and technology have evolved meaning that we now use a range of energy rated products to improve thermal efficiency, meaning our customers can now enjoy their conservatories all year round.

Each conservatory installation we carry out is designed to match your exact requirements, for more information or to have a conservatory installation carried out in Scarborough, call our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

A conservatory is a room or building that has short brick walls and tall glass window panes, this can then either be finished off with a glazed, lantern, plastic or tiles roof. These types of rooms are typically only attached to one side of the property.