Case Study – New Window Installation

Here Swish Home Improvements, we offer a number of window services, this includes all types of window installations. Our window fitting solutions are available to our customers across the North East and Yorkshire, we specifically cover Stockton, Middlesbrough, York and Sunderland.

The Project – Brand New Window Installation

This project involved a brand new window installation for a local couple situated on the outskirts of Middlesbrough. The Swish Home Improvements team helped to install a set of brand new windows to the Parkers’ semi-detached home. It was time to replace their current windows which were single-glazed, Mr Parker was keen to see how the Swish team could make his home more energy-efficient, as well as update the property’s look. The Parkers settled on a full set of UPVC windows, which we installed for them.

Replacing Old Unsecure Windows with a Brand New Insulated Window Installation

Mr and Mrs Parker knew that they wanted their old, outdated windows replaced, their current windows were very old-fashioned and left their home feeling cold. They were also anxious as the windows were so dated the locks didn’t seem to be secure enough. Our window fitters visited the Parkers and provided an assessment, we considered their current windows and what they required from a new installation. We gave them a few options of how we could improve their property with new window fittings and they decided to choose a UPVC window installation.

The Parker’s semi-detached home is located on the outside of Middlesbrough, not too far away from the town centre, the area is quaint and peaceful, however, they were worried about security issues, as they aren’t far away from town. The house had 10 windows that needed installing, so we put together a plan, and estimated the materials and tools we would need to use, as well as the timeframe to complete the project.

We went through the plan with Mr and Mrs Parker and provided them with a quote for 10 new UPVC windows. After carrying out another visit at the Parker residence, our team measured up for the new windows, we then discussed what type and style of UPVC window they would like, we took samples and helped Mr and Mrs Parker to envisage what the new installation would look like in their home.

The Swish window fitter team estimated that the UPVC window installation should take around 1 week to complete. We put together a schedule showing the Parkers that we would work on the windows of one room at a time, this is to help minimize disruption and mess for the family who would be living in the home during the fitting. Mr and Mrs Parker were keen to go ahead with the window installation, we provided them with a start date and made sure we booked out the new windows, other materials and tools we needed, as well as the window fitting team.

The Endless Options of New Window Styles and Types

When it came to choosing their new windows, the Swish Home Improvements team assisted the Parkers, providing them with all the information they needed to ensure they made the right decision. At Swish we work alongside a number of window suppliers across the country and with this in mind, we offer only the best types and styles of new windows. All of our windows are made to measure and come in all styles and designs imaginable. This made it easy when for the Parkers to choose their new windows, they opted for a UPVC option that came in a style similar to their current windows. This meant that the new installation wasn’t too much of a drastic change from the original windows, but also a more modern upgrade that would compliment the exterior of the home, as well as add value.

UPVC casement windows tend to be one of the most popular and common types of windows available on the market. At Swish Home Improvements, we provide a range of UPVC windows that come in different colour options, not only do they look great but they will also last in the years to come.

The Beauty of UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are a great option when it comes to upgrading your home’s windows, they come with so many benefits. One of the main reasons people opt for UPVC windows is that they will help to keep your home as safe and secure as possible. At Swish, we only install UPVC windows to the highest standards, statistics also present that there has been a 87% reduction in theft and burglaries when it comes to having UPVC windows installed.

Brand new UPVC windows can also help to improve the look of your home, improve your curb appeal by choosing new UPVC windows that complement the exterior of your property. UPVC windows are also very energy efficient, they will store heat and protect from the cold, ensuring that your home is always at the right temperature.

UPVC window installations can be very efficient, so if you’re looking to replace your windows quickly, then they could be the choice for you. They are also very low maintenance, not much is required from you to keep them looking great and in good working order.

Why Choose The Swish Home Improvements Team?

At Swish Home Improvements we have worked with many customers across the North East and have been providing UPVC windows for a number of years. With an extensive collection of UPVC window options to choose from, we have something for each and every property. Having listened to our customers’ feedback, here are just some of the reasons why you should choose our team:

  • We have a wealth of experience in the window fitting industry
  • Home to a team of highly qualified UPVC window fitters
  • A well-established company with a renowned reputation
  • Known for providing some of the best UPVC prices in the area

The Parkers and their New Windows

The window installation project took around one week to finish and the Parker family couldn’t be happier with their new windows. We have replaced their older, outdated windows, and gave them new windows that aren’t only easy on the eye, but they include so many benefits, from energy efficiency to insulation and being low maintenance!

If you would like more information on the window installation services that we provide, please call our team for more information. Our professional team are UPVC experts and can always be on hand to answer your questions, as well as offer advice, so what are you waiting for, call Swish Home Improvements today!