Updating and Replacing your Windows

Do you windows need replacing?

Do the windows in your property need an upgrade or a replacement, we take a look at the reasons why you should replace your home’s windows.

Maybe they’re not working how they should be or maybe you just want an upgrade and a fresh set of new windows. There are a number of reasons why you should replace your windows, from adding value to your property to making a stylish statement.

Why should I replace my windows?

Your windows will play a big role in the efficiency of your home, it is important to note that, that’s not all that they do, so if you are planning on moving or selling your home, new windows are a big selling feature. They are one of the top things that potential buyers will ask for, so when it comes to the investment, this will be of considerable value. New windows will also ensure that the front of your home looks great, they will provide brilliant curb appeal and will ensure that your exterior looks modern and fresh.

How will I know when my windows need replacing?

There are many signs that will indicate that your windows need replacing, from cracked caulking, condensation, drafts, fogging, rot or mould, these factors mean that your windows will need replacing. Maybe your windows are in good condition, then you could consider improving their efficiency, this will ensure that your windows are cost-effective as they will improve your home’s comfort and help you to save money on energy costs. There are a few checks that you can do when it comes to check your existing windows, this includes:

  • Checking the existing windows for air leaks
  • Check the caulk and weather strip
  • You can consider window treatment options, should you not want to opt for a full window replacement
  • You can also add window panels to improve your windows
  • Or try adding blinds to overhangs as this can help increase their energy efficiency

Choosing your New Windows

When choosing your replacement windows, we advise that you look for high energy rated windows, this determines how well the window prevents heat loss as well as low emissivity, this describes when the heat reflects on the warm side of the window glass. If you have decided to replace your windows, you will need to make a number of decisions around the type of windows that you have purchased as well as the type of replacement that you’ll need to make. Should you like your current window frames, then in some cases there’s an option where you can replace the windows and use the existing frame. Alternatively you could opt for new window frames that are similar in style to your current ones. Some of the window features that you will need to consider before choosing your replacement windows includes:

  • Frame types
  • Glazing types
  • Gas fills and spacers
  • Operation types

When it comes to the window type, as well as the design, you should also consider the energy use and labeling warranties as well as the installation. At Swish Home Improvements our windows are Certass certified, this means that they meet:

Competent Person
Replacement windows

Energy Efficient Measures
Energy Efficient Glazing
Draught Proofing

Workmanship Standards
Building Repair, Maintenance and Improvement

What types of windows are available?

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The Window Installation

Depending on the windows you have chosen or the window upgrade that you require, you will have a few choices, this includes retrofitting - installing new windows into the original casing, or brick to brick - this is removing the windows and frames and starting from scratch. If you are having a new window installed that didn’t previously exist, or you are creating a bigger window space, you may require a building permit or planning permission.

When it comes to your new window installation, even the most energy efficient windows need to be installed properly to ensure that you get the full benefit. Ensure that you have your replacement windows installed by professionals, they will have experience in installations and will ensure the most professional finish. A professional window fitter will be fully qualified and trained, they will fit your new windows to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure warranty and guarantees.

The window installation technique will vary and depend on the type of window, as well as the construction or style of the house. For example if the house is wood, masonry, exterior cladding or brick. It’s also important to consider if there is a weather restrictive barrier.

For more information on new windows and window replacements, call Swish Home Improvements today.