How to Pick the Perfect New Front Door

Making a decision about your front door can be a difficult one. There are many things to consider, such as style, colour, material, and size. But the best way to make this decision is by thinking about what you want your front entrance to say about you. A new front door can completely change how people view your home or business! In this blog post, we will discuss all of the aspects that go into choosing the perfect new front door for you and your property.

Front Door Style

For the first step, you will need to figure out what kind of door style would work best for your property. You have many options and can be creative if you get it right! If not, there are some basic rules that might help like choosing a door in keeping with the architectural design or period in which your home was built. For example, Georgian homes usually feature unglazed painted solid panel doors while early-Victorian houses typically had glazed double-leaf doors – something to keep in mind when looking around at different styles available.

Later Victorian and Edwardian properties tend to feature a little more glass. The classical late Victorian and Edwardian door design features two infill panels at the bottom with two glazed panels above them. This design can also feature a top-light or glazed area above the opening door sash. 

Stable doors can work well in country cottages and rural properties, keeping young children from accidentally going outside while still giving adults easy access inside by lifting it up on its hinges rather than unlocking any locks as they come through – making life much simpler! However, these doors are not always suitable if your property is “high traffic” due to their complicated locking mechanism which would make for an awkward delay when leaving or entering your home.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is a raft of contemporary door designs to choose from. Solid or glazed, they offer an opportunity for you to make your home truly unique and personal with just one single change!

Which Door Material Should I Choose? 

Whatever your choice of door style, you need to perform. There are lots of different material options including wood, steel, uPVC and composite doors! Each has its benefits but again a little research can pay dividends.

Solid Hardwood Front Doors

The traditional material choice for a front door, timber delivers incredible natural warmth and aesthetic quality that is very difficult to beat.

But you do need to prepare to look after it. Properly maintained, quality hardwood doors will last a lifetime but they will need regular painting or staining in order not only to keep up with appearances but also maintain the structural integrity of your door. Moisture can be deadly when coating wooden surfaces so proper care must be taken while ensuring any damage does not turn into something worse over time as well!

uPVC Front Doors 

uPVC front doors are popular among homeowners because they require minimal maintenance, particularly compared to the traditional timber ones. They haven’t always enjoyed the best reputation for aesthetics and unsympathetic installations in period properties is a prime example of how the wrong door choice can impact negatively on your property’s character. However, there are now many different colours available that will match any home decor or style you want. uPVC front doors come at an affordable price tag too so if you’re looking into replacing them then check out these options!

Composite Front Doors 

Composite doors offer a more versatile look than uPVC and are also low maintenance.

A composite door has two types: solid timber core or foam core. Both share in common the benefit of a robust glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) skin that looks like traditional painted wood – but there is no need for painting!

Door Security 

Security is a determining factor in any door purchase. All new doors will deliver the highest level of security for you and your loved ones, featuring multi-point locking mechanisms and anti-tamper door cylinders/keyless systems that can be operated with an easily accessible car style remote control or numeric keypad – something great if you have teenagers!

Choosing a Secured by Design accredited door ensures maximum protection from break-ins to keep everyone safe inside their home, while also being easy on the eyes thanks to sleek designs combined with durable materials.

Door Energy Efficiency 

Door energy efficiency is another critical element in your choice of door. Under Part L (Energy Efficiency) Building Regulations doors have to achieve a minimum U-value (a measure of heat loss) or 1.8W/m2K and there are options for you depending on the materials that will provide this level. 

Composite doors offer an excellent option, as they do not absorb water like timber does which can make them more expensive over time – composite’s lower absorption means cost savings with less maintenance required too!

Door Glazing Options 

When you need a door for your home, it is important to consider the type of glass that will be used. Your choice should depend on specific circumstances like whether or not there are dark hallways in the house and if this could benefit from extra light by installing doors with only half-glazing at a minimum. The internal colour can affect how bright the room looks which most people find preferable when white paint has been applied externally as well. If privacy is an issue (which I’m sure it’s something we all care about) then choose solid wood panels for windows and corridors so no one outside can see inside through cracks or seams -however, make sure they aren’t too thin otherwise sound might carry across them!

Door Hardware 

Hardware is the finishing touch to your door, and you have a range of options from timeless handle designs to contemporary pulls. For modern properties with an industrial aesthetic, we recommend adding sleek metal handles for that finished look. Keep in mind if you’re renovating existing property such as period buildings then traditional styles are best suited for these types of homes or businesses.

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Whether you are considering a new front door for your home or business, it is important to think about what kind of message you want to send. It doesn’t matter if the style suits your tastes or not, as long as it represents who you are and what needs in life need fulfilling. Contact us today so we can help make sure your next decision will be the perfect one! 

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