Case Study – New Double Glazing

At Swish Home Improvements, we provide a range of double glazing services, this includes modern doors and windows, as well as double glazing replacements. Our double glazing solutions are available to our customers across the North East and Yorkshire, we specifically cover Stockton, Middlesbrough, York and Sunderland.

The Project – New Double Glazed Windows and Patio Doors

Here we take a look at a double glazing project we provided for a family in Stockton on Tees. The Swish Home Improvements team installed modern-style double-glazed windows to the Graham’s Stockton property, replacing their dated window frames with a full brand new, energy-efficient double-glazed installation.

Stunning Replacement Double Glazing at Stockton Home

We were asked by Mr and Mrs Graham to assess the double glazing at his detached property and see if we could install new improved replacement windows. Our team visited the Graham residence, a charming suburban home situated on the outskirts of Stockton on Tees. The house has 14 windows that would need replacing, as well as patio doors, Mr Graham bought the house over 20 years ago and the windows hadn’t been touched since. Our team carried out a full assessment of the property and its double glazing requirements.

Mr Graham was keen to replace all of his windows and patio doors with brand new double glazing windows and doors, we provided him with a quote and then arranged another visit where we would discuss the installation in more detail. Back at the Swish office, we put together a plan for Graham’s new window and patio door installation, this had to include the types and styles of windows as all were different, the window sizes, the materials and tools we would need to use, as well as the installation team and the project time frame.

We visited the Graham family home and discussed the plans with Mr and Mrs Graham, due to the size of the house and nature of the project – replacing 14 double-glazed windows and patio doors, the installation was going to take some time. We would work one area at a time, this allows for as little disruption to the Graham family’s life as possible. The Graham’s were happy with our proposal and after choosing their new windows and patio doors, we put the order in for them, as well as the materials, and booked the job in the diary.

New Double Glazing Installation – Secure, Modern & Energy Efficient

Swish Home Improvements are known for their top-quality home improvements services, when it comes to new double glazing, they provide a range of options to suit all types and styles of properties. Whether you want to update dated, ‘old fashioned’ windows, or you want to replace your old double glazing with a new more energy-efficient option, this team at Swish Home Improvements has got you covered!

Our double glazing fitters pride themselves on the excellent services they provide, what’s more, is they have a wealth of experience when it comes to double glazing installations. Their reputation across the North East and North Yorkshire is renowned and there really is no need to consider another double glazing company, for more information, get in touch for your free no-obligation quote.

Why Did the Grahams Need New Double Glazing?

Double glazing is known for being the most popular type of glazing that is available on the market today. This is due to it coming with a range of benefits, here are just some of the reasons why the Grahams, chose to have brand new double glazing installed:

Improved Security – double glazing is made from tough glass and comes with a sturdy frame, double glazing windows and patio doors also come with high-quality locking mechanisms that make them safe and secure.

Noise Reduction – double glazing panes don’t directly touch each other, this means that soundwaves will be dampened and this can make your home much quieter inside.

Reduced Energy Bills – the durable and hard-wearing nature of double glazing means that they hold on to heat, making it harder for it to escape your home, supporting a warmer environment.

Increased Property Value – on average, the value of a property can increase by around 10% with new double glazing installations, buyers are more likely to buy a new home that already has new windows, so they don’t have to replace them themselves.

Better Insulation – double glazing comes with thermal insulation, this is a way of capturing natural heat from the warmer weather and storing it for when it gets colder.

Why Choose the Swish Home Improvements Team?

At Swish Home Improvements our team has been providing double-glazed windows and doors to customers across Stockton, the North East and North Yorkshire for many years. All of our double glazings is manufactured in-house and we guarantee top-quality products every time. We have years of industry experience and our team comes with all of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional service is provided. Some of the reasons why we think you should choose us for new double glazing include:

  • Cover the whole of the North East and North Yorkshire
  • We offer a range of double-glazed windows and doors options
  • Years of experience in the double-glazing industry
  • Well-known for the quality of our double glazing
  • Team of professional double-glazing fitters

The Graham’s New Double Glazing – Perfection!

The project took around 8 weeks to complete and the Grahams are over the moon with their brand-new windows and patio doors. Not only have they replaced their old, dated windows with something new that is energy efficient and durable, but their brand new windows have totally changed the exterior look of their home, modernising it and improving curb appeal!

Should you be interested in the double glazing services we provide, you can contact our team for more information. Our double glazing fitters can always be on hand to answer any questions that you have, as well as provide advice, so what are you waiting for, call Swish Home Improvements today!