Benefits of a Conservatory

When it comes to having a conservatory added to your home, or if you are looking to replace your current conservatory, there are a number of benefits that come with it.

When it comes to having a conservatory added to your home, or if you are looking to replace your current conservatory, there are a number of benefits that come with it. The main one being that it will increase the value of your home, it will also mean that it will add extra living space to your home, while providing flexibility for the way that you use it.

What is a conservatory?

The word conservatory comes from the Italian word ‘conservato’, this means stored or preserved and the Latin word ‘ory’ means ‘place for’. Conservatories were originally designed as a non glazed structure that was used for storing food, they then became glazed to conserve and protect plants from bad weather conditions and cold temperatures. Modern day conservatories tend to be used to extend the living space, one side of the conservatory will be attached to the house and the other three walls will face out onto the garden. The structure will be double glazed and will mainly consist of glass, this will make up the windows, doors and roof. Should you maintain and look after your conservatory properly, you will be surprised how long it lasts for.

Why have a conservatory?

Extending your home  - A conservatory will be an extension of your current home and will give you additional downstairs space. We believe conservatories offer a huge range of benefits and we believe some of the main benefits are:

Additional storage space - conservatories can be used as a functioning room all year round, no matter the season.

An extension of your downstairs space - if you’re looking for extra space downstairs, whether it's another living room or lounge, a dining room, or a playroom for children, a conservatory is a great option. Conservatories can even be used as studies.

Can potentially add value to your home - adding a conservatory to your property can add value to your home, should you be looking to improve your home, you may benefit from having a conservatory added when you go to sell it, it's worth adding a conservatory.



A space you can use all year round - You can install radiators or underfloor heating into your conservatory, this will help to keep it usable in the winter months. The appropriate cooling systems and even blinds can be used to block sunlight for use during the summer months when it's hot or warm.

Enjoy your garden without being outside - a conservatory will allow you to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, while sitting in your home.

A simple solution - depending on your needs or requirements, a conservatory can provide you with a simple alternative over having an extension added to your home, conservatories can be a lot more cost effective and you won’t need planning permission to build one.

Types of Conservatories

There are many different types of conservatories available on the market, covering everything from orangeries to conservatories for bungalows and much more. Our range of conservatories is everything you could look for in a home.

Side Conservatory
Conservatories can be placed on any side of the property and will enhance your overall downstairs space. These are the most common type and are regularly added to the back of properties and sometimes the side, depending on how the garden is placed.

Orangery Conservatory
An orangery is like a hybrid between an extension and conservatory. Orangeries are popular as they feel more like an extension of your current home and the unity between your house and orangery feels more like one space, rather than two.

Lean To Conservatory
Lean to conservatories provide more of a bridge between your garden and are designed to add extra storage space. A lean-to usually spans across part of a property or the whole back of a property. Many people use these more like a garden room and you will typically see chairs placed in them or plants growing in them.

Large Conservatory
More and more people are choosing large conservatories as they provide much greater space and are typically much easier to achieve planning permission for. A large conservatory is a space you can use for a multitude of purposes such as dining or a playroom.

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